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Water / Dam Gates Bushings

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Water/dam gates bushings, pins and housing is the most important parts for water gates.

RBA offers self-lubricating oilless bushing, housing and shaft for water/dam gates application

There are many advantages like :

  •           Perform self lubricating properties above and under water
  •           Dimension up to 4000mm inner diameter
  •           Can be customized according to you design
  •           Quick production and availability

              Application includes :
  •           Side roller bushings, pins and rollers
  •           Stoplog & Regulating gate bushings, pins and wear plates
  •           Self lubricating sliding bars
  •           Spillway radial gate hinges bushings
  •           Fishway gate bushings
  •           Sandflush & drain bushings
  •           Headpond and Tailrace bushings
  •           Self-lubricating spherical lain bearings
  •           Valve bronze seal rings and rollers
  •           Butterfly valves upper, middle and lower bushings