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Steel Mills & Machinery

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RBA Ladle bushings, shear and slipper plates are made with self lubricating material for dry, oiled, cold and hot running application.

We offer metallic and non-mettalic materials for steel mills, continuous casting, cold & hot rolling mills machinery and equipment.



  • Self-lubricating under dry and hot running application
  • Anti slip properties
  • High temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Quick finish product availability to meet short overhaul schedule.


Application includes:

  • Ladle trunion bushing
  • Ladle tilting bushing
  • Cold & hot shearing machine plates
  • Coiler/un-coiler sliding plate
  • Universal joints slipper plates.
  • Electric arc Furnace guide bushes
  • Knife gap guide & wear plates
  • Other steel melting, casting and forming machinery.