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RBA guidevane wicket gate, lingkage bearings and operating bushing offer self-lubricating mechanism under wet/dry application.

We offer both metallic  ( RB-BSL & RB-FAB) and non-metallic (RB-MOS/D)  self-lubricating bearing that has many advantages like.


  1. Self-lubricating and green enviroment.
  2. No galling properties ( RB-MOS/D)
  3. Can be machined on-site ( RB-BSL, RB-MOS/D, outer diameter of RB-FAB)
  4. Quick product availibilty and custom made in short delivery time to meet overhaul schedule!
  5. Suitable for all turbine model : Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, etc.

Application includes:

  • Upper, Middle, Lower guidevane wicket gates
  • Upper linkage bushing
  • Mechanical ring/operating ring bushings
  • Operating guide strip ( full/segmented)
  • Servo motor and servo link bearing
  • Pump bearings
  • Control gate bearings
  • etc