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Custom Plain/Sliding Bearings

RBA offers extensive engineering plastic material from standard grade to highest grade. We provide customization for plain bearings, sliding/wear pad bearings, support plates made of engineering polymer materials.



MC Nylon

MC Nylon is industrial resin that is made from injecting caprolactam the monomer of nylon 6 into the molding unit and it will be polymerize using anions. It is widely used for industrial machinery due to its advantage such as lightweight ( only 1/7 metals), able to absorb shock and noise, no corrosion possible

good electro insulating and conductivity, more economical compare to metal based bearings



POM ( Polyoxyl Methylene), called as acetal resin is hard material that is resistant to fatigue and has low friction coefficient. It has high mechanical properties, high fatigue resistant and high resistant to chemical ( alkaline). It is widely used for precision gear, semiconductor, food and beverage machinery.



PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is engineering thermoplastic that has high temperature resistant ( up to 250°C) and chemical resistant. It has very low water absorbtion and widely used for high temperature environment.



PE ( Polyethylene) is polymer with good chemical and wear resistance. It is devided into low density polyethylene ( LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and Ultra high molecular weight PE ( UMHW-PE)

This material has advantage like resistant to shock loading, safe for food and beverage machinery, low friction coefficient and light weight.



PP ( Polypropylene) is polymer that has similar properties like HDPE but more mechanically harder and better electric insulating properties. It has low specific gravity, water and chemical resistance.


Other material: ABS, Polycarbonate, Poly Vinyl Chloride ( PVC), PTFE, PMMA, PUR, PEI, PAI, PI, etc