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Turbine and Dam Gates Seals

We provide sealing solutions for hydroelectric power plant, water dams, marine turbines and wind power generator



Seals for turbines:

  • Pelton ( expansion sealing rings, injection seals, etc)
  • Francis( Alternator bearings seals, Turbine seals, Wicket gate turbie seals)
  • Kaplan (Alternator bearings seals, Turbine seals,  Wicket gate seals, Turbine trunnion blade seals)
  • Bulb (Turbine trunnion blade seals, guide bearings, blade servomotor seals, etc)
  • Pump turbine (Alternator bearing seals, Turbine shaft seals, etc)

Seals for Dam gates

  • Lift ( side seals)
  • Tainter
  • Flap
  • Bear Trap
  • Upstream and downstream stoplog
  • Spherical
  • Butterfly
  • Hollow cone/jet
  • Francis and Kaplan ring gate