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Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Chrome steel is the most common bearings in the market because it has enough toughness and strength for rolling elements.

But there are some disadvantages of steel bearings such as it can corrode, severely damage for water/muddy environment and the properties are magnetic

and able to  transfer heat and electric easily. Under high speed application, steel material also become not stable in dimension.Weight of steel bearings also increase the total weight of the assembled equipment/machine and reduce the efficiency of the equipment/machine itself.


Hybrid ceramic and full ceramic bearings are the solutions for the above mentioned problems. The advantages are

  1. No risk of corrosion
  2. Dimension stability upon high rotation
  3. Light weight
  4. High temperature resistance up to 800°C
  5. Non- electrical conductivity ( non-magnetic)


RBA provide the hybrid ceramic and full ceramic bearings for diverse application. Our dedicated engineers are able to come up with the best solutions

to enhance your bearing performance under specific application and enviroment. Our available bearing material:

  1. Hybrid Ceramic bearings (HB)
  2. Full Ceramic bearings (FC)
  3. Full Ceramic complement bearings ( FCC)


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