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Mining Equipment

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RBA boom, arm,bucket bushings and pins are made from high quality steel with various hardening process from carburizing, nitriding, induction hardening

and special hardening process.

Our RB-FRO bushings

  1. High surface hardness up to 58-62HRC ( Full or surface only)
  2. Various steel material available
  3. Ductile core available to absorb high shock loading during operation
  4. Custom-made in short notice

Our RB-PIN pins

  1. High surface hardness 52-60HRC ( surface)
  2. Surface hardening depth can be customed.
  3. Floating pin type and mechanism available.
  4. Ductile core to absorb high shock loading during operation
  5. Custom-made in short delivery time

Application includes:

  1. Boom, arm and bucket excavator & wheel loaders
  2. Excavator track adjuster and track pads
  3. Excavator Idlers.
  4. Hydraulic cylinder piston and gland
  5. Hydraulic cylinder clevis dump trucks
  6. Rock breaker
  7. Outrigger crane support
  8. Crane boom hinges